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Node X
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Extremely Powerful, Secure Cloud Server, Scalable
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Rs 99
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Discover a new cloud experienceDeploy cloud servers in seconds

Node X is a unique IaaS platform, offering on demand dedicated cloud servers. Sign up today and enjoy a new cloud experience!

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Manage your infrastructure at scaleBuild your cloud infrastructure with Node X cloud servers in seconds.


A fantastic and extremely powerful user experience that gives you the power to spawn your servers in two clicks.


Deploy servers with constant and predictable performance in 30 seconds. Automate everything through our powerful REST API.


Uptime and response time guarantee for mission critical services backed by our 24x7 dedicated support team.

Scalable Infinite StorageScale-up or Scale-out when you need it.

Node X is a highly available and durable object storage service providing a way to store and distribute your data in an easy and efficient way over the internet. Node X can be accessed from the control panel or with a simple S3-compatible API, so you can use it using existing S3 libraries and tools.

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