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What is .club?


There's something about membership we can't resist. Maybe it’s the natural human urge to belong. Or the satisfaction we get from spending time with others who share our beliefs, life experiences or passions. Whatever drives us to join, now there’s a domain name just for clubs of all kinds.

One of the most popular of the new domains, .club is made especially for clubs -- from golf and country clubs to soccer and book clubs. Just add your group or business name, and you have a web address that tells potential members exactly what you offer.

Your perfect domain name is waiting.

If your business sells products or services that must be bought repeatedly (disposable razors or food, for example) and your margin is 10% or higher, a loyalty program might make sense for you. Promote it with a .club website that complements your primary website in look and feel.

Whatever your group – hobby, sports-related, professional, retail – you can appeal to the universal urge to belong with your own .club. It's short, memorable and meaningful.

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