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What is .design?


Unlike .com or .net, .design is a domain that matches exactly what you do for a living and makes your branding look better. .design functions in the same way as .com or .org, but it's just more interesting. It's better branding. It looks great on resumes or business cards. It looks awesome on email addresses.

If you're still using a .com website and personal gmail address to sell your design services, you're missing a huge opportunity to add a modern, professional veneer to your online presence. With a .design domain, your branding can be as polished as your designs.

Key benefits of using .design include:


If you already have "design" in your domain, you can shorten your website name by using .design as the TLD. This makes it easier for prospects to remember you. It helps convey what you do in less words. And it helps build your credibility in your customers' minds before they even arrive to your website.


Since .com has over 250 million registrations, you can really stand out by having a .design domain name. It may seem a little odd at first to have a non .com extension, but the trend is growing considerably fast since the majority of .coms are already taken. Having a .design domain name helps newcomers and young aspiring designers differentiate themselves from the crowd. It's intriguing and it helps them compete with already established companies.

Content Marketing

Even if you aren't necessarily focused on providing design services as your core business, you can still use .design as a platform to publish interesting content. The .design extension can give you a channel to post ideas, images, articles, and videos that promote your brand, and can help market your services without leaving your brand ecosystem.

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