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Getting Started with WP Canvas

Are you a WordPress beginner who is wondering what is managed WordPress hosting? In this article, we will discuss about managed WordPress hosting and how to use it.


What is Managed WordPress?

  • Managed WordPress is a streamlined, optimized hosting platform for building and managing WordPress sites. The entire hosting environment is built around making your WordPress sites run faster and more securely.
  • “Managed” for WordPress means that we handle basic hosting administrative tasks, such as installing WordPress, automated daily backups, WordPress core updates and server-level caching.


Getting Started:

1. Purchase a Managed WordPress Hosting from Gen X Web Hosting.

2. After the activation of your hosting plan, Login into client area using  link.


3. Click on “Services” next to “Dashboard and Services”.



4. On Products and Services page, Click on your Managed WordPress Hosting service.


5. Now on Product Details page, click on Login to Control Panel.


6. You are now logged in to your hosting panel where you can manage your WordPress hosting.


NOTE: Your WordPress account will be automatically installed on your domains.

7 . Your WordPress account will be displayed in WordPress Section.


8. To Login to your WordPress Dashboard, Click on Log In on your WordPress Accounts List page.


9. You will now be logged in to your WordPress Dashboard.



10. To manage your wordpress account, click on WordPress in the left sidebar->Navigate to your account->click on the name field to open account page.


11. On the WordPress account page, You can:

  1. Log In to Your WordPress Dashboard by clicking on Log in to Admin Dashboard.
  2. Open your website by clicking on Open Site.
  3. Manage your files by clicking on Manage Files.
  4. You can restrict public access to your website, all you want to do is to enable Password-protected access and set password for your website.
  5. You can Clone your website by clicking on Clone this instance, if you need a testing website so that you don’t need to make changes in your main website. Once all the modifications are done on testing website, you can transfer all the files and database from your testing account to your main account, by clicking on Sync data with another instance
  6. Take back up and restore your website data from Back Up / Restore.


12. To know how to activate Bold Grid, Click Here.

13. To know how to activate Cloud Flare, Click Here.

14.To know how to create a WordPress account manually, Click Here

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