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Adding Blogger Site to your Domain


1. To begin with, you need to set up your domain in your Blogger account. Once logged in, click the blog you wish to map a domain to:


2. Then click on the Settings tab and choose Basic.



3. In Publishing section, click on + Set up a third-party URL for your blog to add a custom domain:


4. Type the URL of the domain you've purchased, keeping in mind that it must begin with www (or any subdomain) in order to work. Input the domain name and click on Save button:



NOTE: blogs are not to be placed on bare domains (like, so you need to input a subdomain, for example, or

5. Once the page refreshes, you will see two CNAME records which should be created in your domain's DNS manager:


6. Each CNAME is composed of two parts – Name, Label or Host and Destination, Target or Points to.

7. Below CNAME Record , There is text written "You can verify your ownership of this domain with a TXT record through Google Search Console here instead.". In that click on  "here" link. and then in drop down select "other"

Copy record that comes on the screen and add TXT Record for it on Domain DNS Manager. After that click on Save button on "point 5"

NOTE: You can add the records either in domain panel or in hosting panel.


To know how to add the needed records in domain panel

1. Login to client area using



2. Select the Domain that you need to link with blogger site.



3. Click on DNS Management.



4. Add the given A Records and CNAME Records provided by the blogger site by selecting the type of record in from the drop down menu:



5. Click On Save Changes to add records.


To know how to add the needed records in Hosting Panel

1. Login to cPanel.

2. Navigate to Domains->Zone Editor.



3. Click on Manage.



4. Click Add Records for the selected domain to add records.



5. Fill the Name, Record Type, TTL and Record value of record in the respective fields that is provided by the blogger account and then click Add Record.





                                                                                 Final Step to be done on Blogger Account.

Before you move onto the final step, wait for about half of an hour for newly created host records to take effect. If you attempt the final step before your settings are activated, a warning message will show up in your Blogger account.

After your settings have been activated, you need to make sure Blogger knows about your custom domain so that Google can direct readers to your blog.

Just get back to your Blogger account and save the information on your Basic tab:


If the settings are correct, you will be able to see the following:



Click on the Edit link to make sure that your bare domain redirects to www or subdomain:


Your Blogger account is now linked to your domain.

To know how to add blogger account records in plesk, Click Here

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